Florida Residential Mortgage Modification Mediation Summit

February 27, 2014

Join us to talk about the bankruptcy mortgage modification mediation process in Florida. But don’t wait for February, get involved today. Find out how below.

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Get Involved

It doesn’t matter if you’re a creditor attorney, debtor attorney, or mediator, if you have ideas for improving the mediation process, we want to hear them.

Step 1

We know you know what your court does. Familiarize yourself with what other bankruptcy courts around the state are doing. Also, take a moment to look over the white papers: creditor white paper, debtor white paper (Middle District), debtor white paper (Northern District) mediator white paper, and trustee white paper.

Step 2

Speak your mind. Shy? No problem. You can comment or provide suggestions anonymously.

Step 3

There is no step three. That’s really all we need to improve the mortgage modification mediation process. Your input. Your ideas. Your feedback.

Together, we’ll use the best ideas from all of the districts’ and divisions’ mediation programs and then some to make the mediation process better for everyone.